7 Things You Should Keep in Your Car Emergency Kit

No matter what type of climate you live in, every driver on the go should have an emergency kit that's ready for anything. Here are a few suggestions we have about what everyone should have ready in their car should the worst, or even just the most inconvenient circumstances, happen.

1. Light and Power

The most basic tools for a car emergency will be a powerful flashlight and an extra source of power to keep your phone fully charged. A flashlight of over 100 lumens is helpful in outdoor situations, especially if you need to check out anything inside the vehicle or need to be visible outside from down the road. Keep extra batteries for the flashlight and an emergency road flare if all else fails. Make sure to keep a fully charged external power bar and the appropriate cords for your phone in the car at all times, so you can get help no matter what percent your phone battery is. 

2. First Aid

Whether you’re stuck in the car or not, a first aid emergency can happen any place you take your car. Make sure you have a standard first aid kit somewhere in your car. If you don’t have room for a standard first aid kit, invest in a container that holds first aid basics, including gauze, tape, bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, cold compress, and any other medical essentials you might need at a moment’s notice, like allergy medication or needed prescriptions.

3. Food and Drinking Water

Staying hydrated and full of energy is just as important as keeping your car full of gas and your phone full of power. Keeping water bottles or a covered container of drinking water in your car at all times will help when you need a drink in a pinch. The ideal snacks to keep in your car are non-perishable, high-energy foods that will give you fuel. This can include dried fruits, nuts, or hard candy that can help keep your blood sugar levels up. Make sure the snacks are unsalted too, so they don’t add to any potential dehydration. 

4. Spare Clothing 

Be prepared with extra layers that could help accommodate all seasons. It’s good to include light clothes for hot weather and extra sweaters, jackets, or waterproof clothes in case you need to get through deep snow. 

5. Roadside Essentials

No matter how well taken care of your car is, a flat tire or dead car battery can happen unexpectedly at any time. Make sure you have jumper cables, a multi-purpose tool kit, duct tape, an inflated spare tire, a wheel wrench, and a tripod jack ready to go. 

6. Cold Weather Necessities

To get through an unexpected cold front, keep a snow shovel, snow brush, and windshield washer fluid to help melt ice. A bag of cat litter can help you gain traction if you get stuck in the snow somewhere and a brightly colored cloth or flag will make your vehicle more noticeable in a snowstorm. If you have warm, brightly colored clothing that you've already packed or a brightly colored blanket, this can double as a signal to make your car more visible! 

7. Extra Blankets 

A minky blanket is more than just an accent for your bed, a snug wrap for movie night, or a plush layer for an outdoor picnic. Keeping an American Minky Products blanket in your car can turn into a life-saving layer if you’re ever stuck on the road in cold conditions. It’s always a great idea to have a few extra blankets in case inclement weather keeps you on the road for a long time or you need to help dry and heat someone up after they’ve been exposed to freezing temperatures or water. These circumstances can happen during any season, whether it’s a winter holiday or summer getaway, so stay prepared. Find the perfect minky blanket from American Minky Products to make your car emergency kit complete!

The biggest way to stay safe in a car emergency is by being prepared. Make sure your car emergency kit has everything you and your vehicle needs, including a warm blanket like the throws we offer at American Minky Products. To create your own personalized blanket or other minky product, visit our store in Cedar City or send us a message today!

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