8 Ways to Incorporate Blankets into Your Interior Design

High-quality blankets made with luxurious material such as minky fabric can add comfort, color, and style to any area in your home. Here are some ways you can easily incorporate them into your home’s interior design:

1. Have a Comfy Throw on Hand for Movie Nights

Strategically place a thick throw near your living room’s couch for easy evening access. A nearby blanket mixes form and function by keeping you warm while snuggling on the couch during a movie or binge-watching marathon.

2. Add Interest to Your Bedding With a Plush Blanket

Minimalistic bedding trends such as a white comforter or crisp linens can be brightened up with a cozy blanket. Add a touch of accent color with a soft, plush blanket placed at the foot of the bed to add extra warmth at night as well as a chic design element.

3. Drape a Blanket Over an Armchair.

An armchair can be made to look more inviting and put together with a light throw blanket folded over the arm or back of the chair. Try a unique texture or striking pattern to look great against a more muted upholstery or a few throw pillows.

4. Place a Blanket in the Guest Room for a More Comfortable Stay

Take your hosting to the next level by ensuring guests have easy access to soft, warm blankets to keep them comfortable in the evenings. The presence of high-quality blankets is a welcoming signal that will make anyone feel more comfortable in your home.

5. Lay a Blanket on Your Living Room’s Sofa

Add a thoughtful design touch to your living room with a throw blanket coordinated with the throw pillows and laid across the corner of your sofa. A thinner blanket can be folded while a casual toss can look chic for a thicker faux-fur fabric.

6. Don’t Forget About the Great Outdoors

Whether you’re hosting a group gathering under the stars or a romantic night for two, having blankets in your outdoor living area can help a space feel more put together for your next outdoor dinner, drinks, or s’mores night. This is especially helpful in the spring or fall when there may be more of a chill in the air after dark.

7. Decorate With a Matching Bedding or Crib Set

Create a homey, relaxing environment in your child’s room with coordinated bedding or crib set complete with matching pillowcases, bed skirts, etc. A peaceful space will help your children sleep better and more comfortably at night.

8. Use a Brightly-Colored Blanket for a Pop of Accent Color

Liven up the otherwise monochromatic color palette in your home decor with a blanket that features a splash of fun color or unique texture. Bonus points if your blanket can protect your furniture from pet hair and scratches.

Minky Blankets Made in the USA

Complete your home’s interior design look with soft minky blankets from American Minky Products. Each product in our shop is made right here in the United States and customizable to fit exactly what you’re looking for. Once you feel the luxurious softness of our minky fabric, you’ll understand why no other blanket compares. Contact us today to learn more.

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