How to Store Minky Blankets

Blankets serve a myriad of purposes in the house. The heavy blanket you use on your bed keeps you warm on cold winter nights, the lighter throws on the couch you wrap around your legs when you watch your favorite movie, and the knitted throw you keep on the porch for when there’s a little chill in the air. All these blankets spread across your house, each with its own use. Minky blankets are especially popular blankets, not just because they are so soft and comfortable but also because they’re very easy to clean.

But if you have company coming over or your blankets are just in the way, you need a foolproof way to store your blankets. This article will give you the low-down on how to prepare and put away your minky blankets so that they are clean and ready when you need them again.


Before putting your blankets into storage, it’s important to clean them. Blankets go through a lot, especially the ones we use the most. There’s dust in the air, not to mention all the sweat they absorb off our skin.

Wash or dry clean your blankets according to the instructions on your blanket. Most minky blankets can be machine washed and dried. Make sure to wash and thoroughly dry them before putting them away.

How to Fold Your Minky Blankets

Folding your blankets in a way that makes them easy to store, taking up a minimum amount of space, is a useful skill that will help make storage easier.

  • Folding will keep your blankets tidy, and it also prevents wrinkles. Fold the blanket neatly, matching the edges together. Large, fluffy comforters may only be folded over a few times, while thinner blankets can be folded over several times.
  • Ribbons or strips of cloth can tie the folded comforter like a present. This will ensure that the comforter retains its shape and the folds hold.

Storing Minky Blankets

When putting blankets away for storage, make sure the storage area is dry and moisture-free. The storage area should have lots of airflow to keep your blanket from getting musty. If you want to help your blankets smell fresh, use sachets or potpourri bags between blankets.

  • Minky blankets can be placed inside breathable linen bags.
  • Don’t use an airtight bag.

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