What Are the Most Popular Minky Fabrics?

When getting a minky blanket, the fabric is an important aspect to consider. Not only are you looking for something that looks good and is durable, but also comfortable. Minky fabrics make excellent blankets because of their quality and luxurious softness. They come in various patterns and colors to suit anyone’s style. Minky fabric is 100% polyester, machine washable, durable, and soft and supple against the skin. Let’s look at some of the popular types of minky fabrics available.

Smooth Minky

The name kind of gives it away. Smooth minky is untextured. This type of fabric is perfect for bedding and sofa cushion covers. It’s easy to clean and a favorite for homeowners everywhere. Smooth minky is the most widely used minky fabric.

Minky Hide

Minky hide is a luxe minky fabric and is most known for its extreme silky softness. This material can be used for all-year comfort—its high pile and silky feel bring just what you need on cold winter days or warm summer nights. Minky hide is great for blankets and throws. An eye-catching minky hide blanket can be the centerpiece in your living room or a cozy blanket for your bedroom.

Minky DemiRose

Minky demirose is a fabric with a raised rose pattern on luxe minky. It makes an elegant contrast against solid color couches and sofas. A minky demirose blanket also provides a warm therapeutic feel and comes in handy if you’re feeling cold or shivery.

Minky Seal

Like the minky hide, the minky seal is also a luxe minky. It has a higher pile than the hide that makes it extra soft and warm. Minky seal is most popular for its warmth and softness. If you’re looking for softness, then minky seal is the blanket for you. This fabric creates a cozy atmosphere and makes an arresting piece in any environment.

Minky Animal Print

Faux animal prints are all the rage these days. You can get all the luxury and glamour of a cheetah or leopard print blanket without any of the animal cruelty. Take a jungle-themed bedroom to the next level with these big cat print minky fabrics that are cozy and soft.

If you still aren’t sure which type of minky fabric is right for you, visit the American Minky Products store in Cedar City! You can see all our different fabric options before you pick your minky material, so you get a minky you’ll love.

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