About Us


Born with love for adventure and talents to create, sewing became the #1 hobby in our family. It was used in so many ways to share our dreams and desires. “Like lying in fluffy clouds so soft and cuddly”, truly our dreams soared high when we found Minky. Because of its intense comfort and incredible diversity, we believed everyone should have a Minky blanket. It began with our own style of reversible Minky comforters, designed special for family and friends. Of course, we didn't stop there: pillows, buntings, slippers, and so much more… Today we are more than just a Minky store. We Offer customization with our state-of-the-art CNC stitching and laser embossing machines. Personalization has never been easier. Our dream continues to grow as we see the satisfaction and happiness our products bring. We hope we can provide that perfect gift for you!

At American Minky Products, we're proud to be a family-owned and -operated local business in Cedar City, UT. We provide beautiful, custom minky products that are handmade here in the USA. We only use the highest quality minky material for all our items, and we're confident in the superior quality of our minky products.

What is the softest blanket?

The softest blanket is hands-down a minky blanket. But what is a minky blanket? Minky blankets are made from an extra-soft, plush polyester fabric called minky fabric. Though the fabric is lightweight and incredibly soft, it's also durable and retains heat well. Because of its supreme softness and comfort, minky fabric was originally used for baby blankets. Now, minky fabric is a popular blanket material for all ages, and the material has expanded from being used in blankets to bathrobes, slippers, crib sets, and more.

What makes American Minky Products special?

Here at American Minky Products we use Cuddle, a trademark brand of minky fabric. Cuddle fabrics are manufactured with highest quality yarns and are the softest fabrics on earth. With its tight weave, Cuddle fabric is more durable and less likely to shed then other brands. Think kleenex, “kleenex is a brand of tissue just as Cuddle is a brand of fabric.” Super soft Cuddle fabrics, luxurious faux furs, and a wide variety of exciting colors and styles to choose from, are what make our products superior and most desirable.

Additionally, we specialize in customized comfort. We offer limitless personalization options on our minky blankets, baby buntings, and everything in between with our amazing high-tech laser embossing and CNC stitching machines. We can laser emboss an image or saying that you want on your minky to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind minky product.

Choose American Minky Products

For the ultimate minky products, visit our store in Cedar City or shop our collections online. We have minky blankets, travel sets, baby crib sets, weighted blankets, and more. You'll find only the best quality minky products from American Minky Products, and you can personalize your minky item for a unique minky made just for you!